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The New Website Has Dropped!

Well this looks different

Welcome to the new DSW website!

If you have visited our website recently you would have noticed that things are not quite the same as before. Disability South West has been working hard behind the scenes to bring you a freshly designed website to give a better understanding on what DSW is all about and how we can assist you.

So what's new so far?

The website presents a new colour scheme and updated Home page with links to our Latest News so you will never miss the important things happening in our organisation.

An updated "About Us" page gives more insight into our service and how we aim to bring you the best service possible, along with updated decriptions on the various services we provide.

Updated locations and contact details are available along with links to our social media pages.

Newly created reporting tools such as Feedback Forms, Enquiries and Job Opportunities are now active and ready to meet your needs.

More to come!

Some areas of the website are still under maintenance and will be available in the very short future. Be sure to check back soon as we continue to develop our website for a better user experience.

DSW supports your feedback and suggestions. If you would like to drop us a message please use the form at the end of the Home page.